Top Home Gym Exercise Equipment

Gym equipment are standard exercise machines which are basically used in health and training centers. These exercise machines are very helpful in enhancing the level of health and making the body toned and fit. By using these simple gym equipment one can develop their own gym at their place of residence because all these exercise machines are easily available in the market and that too at very competitive rates.

Are you thinking of building your very own workout station at your home? Well then, you can surely opt for building a home gym and that too within your budget constraints. To start off with, you can invest only in some bare minimum exercise equipment, which will help you achieve a full body workout.

But before heading towards buying equipment for your home gym, you should know the advantages of having the same at your home. Here are some points, which will help you in this direction:

What are some of the advantages of having a home gym?

Saves your money and time

This is one of the surest shot advantages of having a home gym. You need not wake up and rush to your nearest gym at a fixed time. Moreover, you can exercise on your home gym equipment for endless hours without paying any extra money. Likewise, you need not pay towards gym membership renewal every year.

Motivates you to work out:

Home is where the heart is and hence, there is no better place that can motivate you as much as a home gym. You get to work out on your muscles whenever you want and by combining it with other pleasing activities such as reading a newspaper, grabbing a quick bite etc. These give you all the more motivation to work out.

If you have or plan to, given below are such essential equipment’s’, which will help you build up your home gym without breaking your budget.

Rowing Machines

They are ideal if you want a full body workout. They are used for the upper and lower body for aerobic exercises. This machine must be used correctly in order to avoid back problems.

Jump Rope

This is a high-intensity cardio exercise. Strength, agility, and balance are the three most important things required while using a jump rope. It can be used for quick breaks in between training with weights or as a complete training.


Weights perform a basic training through the development of functionality and full-body fitness. Lifting weights work for all major muscle groups and are great for fitness too.

Elliptical Trainers

They are comfortable and do not cause any impact and this makes it possible for everyone to enjoy it. It is one of the most popular elements used for exercise in a gym. You can keep the motion simple or adjust the intensity as per your choice.

Recumbent Cycles

They support your lower back and remove the stress on your knees. They offer a tremendous cardiovascular exercise that uses the ischiotibial muscles, glutei and quadriceps muscles.

Step Machines

Step machines are used for the workout of the lower body. Finding a good quality step machine can be quite expensive. They are good for aerobic training, build and strengthen the lower part of the body and are of low impact.

Keeping a balance in your workout will help you develop inner strength, coordination, and agility. Also, the risk of suffering injuries will be minimal. Thus, a balanced workout is always better.


There are numerous firms, which manufacture commercial treadmill. One of them is NordicTrack. These equipment are the best machines in dealing with cardiovascular exercises. Some of the modern treadmills come with additional features, which make them all the more useful and beneficial for you. However, the best part of having a treadmill at your home is that everybody in your family can work out on it, irrespective of their age groups! This is why a treadmill provides you excellent returns on your investment.

Exercise bikes:

There is a wide range of fitness exercise bikes that are available for purchase. For instance, you can either opt for stationary bikes or choose spin bikes for your workout. These bikes are great as they cause minimum impact on your joints, which make them perfect for those of you who have had some injury in the past. Moreover, you can adjust these bikes to fit your body and enhance your workout sessions. Just like treadmills, modern exercise bikes also have certain features such as calorie tracker. Moreover, you can multitask while using these bikes like watching the television or listening to music.

Weight benches:

They are a must buy for everyone who wants to have a gym in their homes. The main advantages of these benches are that you can use them to workout in every imaginable position such as sitting, lying or even in a supine position. These are more beneficial when you want to work on your chest and abdomen muscles using weight training.

(a) Ensure the place you have sufficient space available for exercise equipment:

(b) Determine your fitness goal:

(c) The budget sets:

(d) Consider as well as make sure who else can use this equipment:

(e) Equipment must be from a reliable brand:

(f) Verify one to one as per their features:

You can also add below mentioned fitness machines for home utilization: abdominal bench, barbells, triceps bars, dumbbells, weight plates, bench, hyperextension bench, treadmills, weight plates, arm blaster, chin up bar, stability balls, preacher bench, racks, dipping bar, calf machines, leg press machine, and so on.

You can find all the essential and recommended home based fitness equipment on with a perfect reliability. By using these machines, you can get a fit and toned physique with confidence.

To conclude

Before you take any steps, it is highly suggested that do not start a workout plan without discussing with a medical expert/professional, if you are facing any heart problems, arthritis and back problem. Be skeptical of claims and testimonials which tell you will reduce a certain amount of inches or weight.